Story Submission Guidelines

Due to the numbers of stories coming in, please assist us in keeping our sanityÖ

1. ONE story per email. That helps us keep them in order and not fall through the cracks (remember we have four people in and out of the shell and any given time)
2. Please cut and paste the list below into the body of your email and fill it out COMPLETELY. If it is submitted to us with Ďholesí it will be sent back for completion. *NOTES on how to fill in the form will be BELOW the form*


Please copy and paste this into EVERY submission email. If the question does not apply, please write N/A next to the question. If you have a question, donít hesitate to email writersranch @

General Story Information...
Author Name:
Feedback Email:
Story Title:
Story Status:
Written for:

For your story page... (please remember to keep the following as BRIEF as possible) Author's Note (before):
Author's Note (after):

For your authorís pageÖ
What is the summary of your story?
Where in your authorís page should this story go?

For updates:
What ICON do you want to lead into your story link?


INSTRUCTIONS: this is how to use the 'questionaire' for story submission

General Story Information...
Author Name: what name do you use?
Feedback Email: what email should someone use to send you feedback?
Story Title: What is the name of the story?
Bookcover: What do we need to know for your storygraphic/bookcover? Mood, main characters, etc: OR are you including a graphic for your bookcover (see rules please)
Story Status: COMPLETE (story is done and complete with the file i'm attaching)
IN PROGRESS (this is only PART of the story)

Series: If part of a Series, which one?
Written For: Is this story written for a challenge/contest/throw down/etc? Which one?

For your story page... (please remember to keep the following as BRIEF as possible)
Author's Note (before): (what information does the reader NEED to know BEFORE the story)
Author's Note (after): (Thanks to BETAS should go here)

For your authorís pageÖ
What is the summary of your story? (A quick teaser)
Where in your authorís page should this story go?
(Please indicate if it goes BETWEEN two stories, etc. Be SPECIFIC.)

For updates:
What ICON do you want to lead into your story link?
(choose from Cody, Buck, Jimmy, Ike, Lou, Kid, Noah, Emma, Sam, Teaspoon, Rachel, Jesse, Tompkins & General graphic)

Answers to FAQ

1. We prefer stories be sent as an attachment to an e-mail rather than in the body of your e-mail. MS Word files (.doc) are the most preferred. Rtf files are accepted as well...but wordpad files cause us a whole host of problems. E-mail please if you cannot send .doc or .rtf files.
2. We strongly recommend you have a beta-reader for your story. When we code your stories we do not go through to edit for grammar or spelling, we simply do not have time. Having a beta will only make your story better. We use them ourselves and find them to be invaluable. If a story is found to be in obvious need of a beta we will most likely ask that you solicit the services of one and then resubmit once you've found one and have made corrections to your story.
If you don't know of anyone who'll beta, Come on post on our message board and ask around!
3. IKE SPEAKS! We all know that it can be a challenge to write for our 'mute' rider. Because of HTML coding, the symbols > and < on the same keys as the comma and the period will only blank out the text in between. Please do NOT use them. Instead, put *around Ike's speech.*
4. THOUGHTS in Italics... please FRAME thoughts like this 'It can't be this bad' he thought. we have a lot of authors sending in stories in many different fonts... it may look pretty to you but it can make it VERY hard to distinguish italics from plain font... and after hours of staring at a screen we may NOT pick up the difference and we may miss coding the italics for your story... so please only use italics if you must and try not to use it too much for things that may be notated in other ways.
5. Language content: No extremely harsh language. We donít care if they say it on NYPD Blue or HBO. If they didnít say it on the show, we ask that you edit it in your story. If we find it, we will edit it ourselves, but please donít make us have to be the language police. Ask us about a Language Question!
6. Adult content: No graphic descriptions. Think PG-13 here folks. Things described in vague terms. No detailed descriptions of body parts or intimate acts. We encourage you to send them to one of the Adult TYR sites.
7. Your story must be connected to The Young Riders. Things inspired by a general love of the west, etc., while beautiful, aren't really what this site is about. Also, please keep in mind that The Young Riders is about fictional characters. Stories using the actual actors as characters will not be posted. (Write stories about Teaspoon -- LOTS of stories -- but not about Anthony Zerbe.)
Disclaimer: The Young Riders is the property of Ogiens/Kane Production 1989-1992 & was created by Ed Speilman. This site is not meant to infringe on the copyright. The ONLY purpose of this site is for the enjoyment of the fans and we do not profit in any way from it. We do not have much money so please don't sue us.